Junior Bible Quiz Officials Test

brought to you by the Kentucky District

Online JBQ Officials Test

Section 1: General Questions

1. When a quizzer buzzes in after the first word of the question but before the last, this is:
pre-response foul
an interruption
a quizzer foul

2. Activating the equipment between the calling of "question" and the reading of the first word of the question is:
a pre-response foul
an interruption
a Point of Order

3. A coach attempts to correct a procedural error or call attention to a possible rule violation by calling:
Time out
Judges' Ruling
Point of Order

4. If the quizmaster calls an incorrect color or number when recognizing a quizzer, a judge should:
immediately identify the proper quizzer
remain silent
tell the quizmaster after the quizzer has answered

5. A question being read to both teams is interrupted by the Red team and ruled incorrect. The question should be reread in its entirety for the other team.

6. When a quizzer interrupts the question, the quizmaster must immediately stop reading and call interruption, unless:
he is in the middle of a word that is not the last word
he has begun to read the last word of the question
he wants to read more words

7. Quizzers must have their hands above the table and in contact with the pad, or a foul is assessed.
True in all cases
False in all cases
True only if there is an obvious attempt to confer with a team member or to distract the other team

8. Number of judges' rulings each team is allowed to request during a quiz match:

9. A quizzer must finish an interrupted question:
only if the quizmaster or another judge calls "interruption"

10. Any judge who disagrees with a quizmaster's independent decision may request a vote of the judges (done by coin and without conferring):
by raising his/her hand
by holding up a coin
by clearly stating "Judges' Vote"

11. A judge requesting a Judges' Vote or a coach requesting a Judges' Ruling must do so before:
the next question is started
either the next question is started or a time-out is granted
either the next question is started, a time-out is granted, or the match is closed